Think of PSA as a results-improvement firm. We have the ability to look at your firm from a 50,000 ft. perspective and deeply in the critical area’s impacting revenue and performance objectives. This enables us to align with your vision, mission and goals. From there, we zoom in to each area of your business to identify opportunities for accelerating improvements.

Your Personal SWAT Team! One of the ways we improve your results is by utilizing our SWAT team of experts and giving you the benefit of  hundreds of years of experience. We’re not rookies; we’re seasoned professionals with significant hands-on practical experience that is supported by our commitment to continuous improvement and account management. We have a proven track record for taking both new and successful organizations to the next level. Much like a computer diagnostic, the Levelbreaker Assessment System has been designed to identify and pinpoint the issues and bottlenecks inhibiting performance, typically issues that are related to people, processes or systems. In other words, we help you eliminate the obstacles by fine tuning your business systems from the top down and bottom up.

Brain Trust. Research shows that you’re known by the company you keep (called “Credibility by Association“). When you look at our Board and Alliances, you’ll see our Brain Trust runs deep!

So, dig in. Look closely. Be sure we’re right for you. Then, give us a call at (704) 912-3267 or select here to schedule a 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs.

Leadership Team Board of Advisors Strategic Alliances
  • Dr. Fredrick M. Scaffidi
  • Dan Mullane
  • Dr. Andrew Candreva
  • Pam Holloway
  • AboutPeople
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Aspida Advisory Group
  • Financial Productivity Group
  • The Hoopis Institute
  • Pinnacle Equity Solutions