Dr. Fredrick M. Scaffidi is our and wellness expert. He was the head of the Health Department at the University of South Alabama for 20 years and a noted expert in the field of Exercise and Physiology. He is the author of Health and Fitness Concepts – A Programmed Approach. Fred is our guide to wellness and the truth about physical fitness and health management.

Pierre Rattini is our social media marketing advisor and strategist. He works with businesses to create online awareness and branding in this new era of marketing. He understands that we now live in a reputation and relationship economy and he leverages the available resources, platforms and tools to deliver solutions for business owners, coaches, managers and leaders. Pierre is our resource for business owners and professionals who want to upgrade their online strategies to increase brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales.

Pam Holloway is unique in her areas of expertise. She is one of the world’s most effective interviewers. As such, she is globally recognized as one of the very few people alive who can capture unconscious competence (called “tacit knowledge”) so it can be shared with others within an organization. As an expert Knowledge Transfer consultant, Pam has helped many Fortune 1000 organizations within the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Manufacturing and Financial Services industries. Pam’s corporate experience has taken her inside the confidential discussions at the top level of many Fortune 100 firms. She understands executive psychology and knows how to help top executives develop strategic assets.

With a rare ability to see a truly global picture, she has brilliant strategic mind with experience in multiple geographies and cultures, including: Latin America, the Pacific Rim, Western Europe, Canada and the US. Her KM tenure includes twelve years with ExxonMobil and two years as a Principal of Knowledge Harvesting, Inc. (KHi) Pam’s corporate experience includes stints as: Strategic Planner, Global Process Consultant, Training Manager, and Organizational Consultant. She is also an author and has a Masters in Biological Psychology, with post-graduate work in Neuroscience and Organizational Behavior. She is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and continuing student of NLP and Cognitive Science programs and tools.