“Great job on the training session.  It helps get people on the same page.”
— Pete Aimone. Major Account Manager, Level 3 Communications

“As a result of the DSP program I am committing to spending two evenings per week to business strategy and researching my target accounts, completing the roadmap process on my key accounts and reviewing my business plan and goals weekly.”
— Barb Anderson, L3 Communications

“Paul has great insight and understanding of our business.  He knows what tools and guidance the managers and sales representatives will need in order to be successful here at Xpedite.  Paul’s high energy and expertise kept everyone’s attention the entire time.”
— Kim Ashley, Regional Sales Manager, Xpedite Communications

“Thank you for your follow up. I hope all is well with you and your family… I would like to note that I truly enjoyed your class. Look forward to adding to my daily routine.”
— Karen Barnes, District Manager, Telcove Communications

“Personality analysis was spot on”
— Dan Bates, Major Account Manager, L3 Communications

I liked all of the real life examples of the concepts we were learning. It was a very good program.”
— Brian Brunson, Major Account Executive, Xpedite Communications

“Just to let you know, I took one of your suggestions from the training session a few weeks ago and sent a few of my prospects some links to email marketing websites that offered suggestions for enhancing e-marketing campaigns. One of those prospects actually called back today and signed up for MessageReach. This an interactive ad agency that is probably a $1000 a month account initially but should ramp up to about $2500 a month in time. Thanks for the advice!”
— Kevin Clifford, Major Account Manager, Xpedite Communications

“Having been in sales for many years I have been fortunate enough to participate in all the top sales programs. Veteran salespeople have to approach sales training classes with an open mind if they expect to improve their skills. I am glad I kept an open mind. Even though I had previous exposure to most of the material it was beneficial to “re-learn” it. I found that I had stopped identifying client’s personalities and adjusting my approach. I will certainly start doing so immediately. The time spent on our initial benefits statements was the most interesting. Your approach is far more consultative and better suited for top down selling in major accounts. Additionally, we all know the importance of setting goals in our business and personal life but few take the time to write them down and review them consistently. Your Goal Achievement Tool Kit makes it easy to create and review your goals for success. Paul, your approach was professional and exciting. It would do our company well to expose more reps to your class. I certainly benefited from your experiences and knowledge. I would like to see a future class dedicated towards penetrating and selling in major accounts.”
— Mike Comport. Major Account Manager, Xpedite Communications

“It is a pleasure to recommend Paul to any Executive or Business owner interested in improving the productivity and quality of their sales organization. I believe Paul’s knowledge of sales, systems, change management and human development combined with his practical experience is unparalleled. The strategies, guidance, support and tools he has shared with me personally have been instrumental to my career development and success.”
— Carey Dolan, WellPoint – National Government Services

“Great energy from Paul. Was welcome to feedback. Good everyday examples of how to apply the material we covered.”
— Steve Gunnell, Account Executive, Xpedite Communications, Inc

“The training was a great pick me up. I came back to work with a new fire. The book was great; I competed the book last night. I will add it to the collection of tools. Thanks again and good luck with the managers”
— Ron Hanssen. National Account Manager, Xpedite Communications, Inc.

“Great Sales training that ensure better relationships in my business and personal life. I would say it could be the best training I’ve had.”
— David Hawkins, Major Account Manager, Xpedite Communications

“I really enjoyed the two days I spent in your class and I admire the way that you conducted yourself. As requested,  I learned a lot that I will apply in my work. I hope to see you in another class soon.”
— Oscar Joyner, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“Of all the trainings I’ve set through, I really enjoyed your class and I wouldn’t change a thing. I think you’ve done a wonderful job of incorporating the best of all the trainings I’ve set in and added ideas of your own to bring the point’s home clearly. You deliver a very interesting, thought provoking sales training and tool people can actually take away and use in real life sales situations. Great Job!”
— Alvin Keitt, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“I had the opportunity to work with Paul when the Company that I worked for was going through major change. Paul is a dynamic Sales Coach and I found his solution based training to be invaluable. I would recommend Paul to any Company who wants a sales coach with the ability to take their team to the next level.”
— Laminda Kincaid, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“Paul is one of the most dynamic professionals I know. A positive attitude & can do mentality! Paul will motivate you & allow you to see the “can do” in yourself. After being in the presence of Paul the enthusiasm that he shares has a lasting effect on his company!”
— Alexis Kozak, Senior Account Executive, Telcove

“I had dinner with a friend of mine from a competing fax service last night and I was telling him about this approach and he agrees that this could be a real “breakout” for our company as far as getting into so many new areas we never thought of because we always did application selling. We pretty much steered the conversation to applications we knew existed. With this approach we are more consultative (SPIN) so they uncover the applications for us thus discovering new areas. I though the content was great. I liked the interaction and learning how others do it outside Xpedite. I’ve done things the Xpedite way and I have been marginally successful. We’ve kept our doors closed to outside instruction for far too long.”
— Bill LaPiana, Major Account Manager Xpedite

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training; it was perfectly timed for me personally. The personality profile and goals booklet have given me a lot to think about! The reading list is greatly appreciated. Feedback wise, I have only a minor recommendation to make. Being an “out of towner” I would have liked some sort of “after hours” activity organized. As a “socializer”, I find those sort of things motivational…I liked the whole program. Integrating application, behavior and strategic selling. Identifying and understanding buyer roles, personality, receptivity, and attitudes. Setting goals and establishing a sales strategy – armed to win. Recommendations to improve the program – more time. Thanks for the training! I feel improved today and it feels really good.”
— Frank Lozano, Major Account Executive, Xpedite

“Thanks for putting together an entertaining training session that I know I will profit from immensely!! I’ve done some self investigations and found that subconsciously I may have been mimicking their attitudes and behaviors without knowing why! I think that if I condition my mind to study these behaviors, it will further enhance my person and my approach in business. Thanks again for sharing your time and experiences.”
— Drew MacDonald, Major Account Executive Xpedite

“I thought the PSA  training class was one of the best I have ever attended. The subject matter was clear concise and swift. I would recommend this program to other sales organizations.  I think this could be a 5 day program.”
— Anne Maddox, Major Account Executive, Telcove Communications

“The whole tone of positivity that was included or rather imbedded in the presentation all along the way. For the RSM/AVP positions in Xpedite- the coaching class time needs to be extended so that the full effect of coaching as opposed to telling can be explored by all the students and not just the students with prior exposure to this type of training. The whole idea of management forming and coaching a TEAM of sales people toward a number of goals that all participants agree to is vital to move an organization like Xpedite to achieving its very ambitious goals.”
— Frank Meizoso, Major Account Executive, Xpedite

“It was very nice meeting you and I really enjoyed your seminar. I personally gained a lot from it and it reinforced some principles of psychology that I had forgotten over the years. Thank you again for the book you gave us and for following up with the material you sent.”
— Sherry Meddin, Account Executive, Xpedite

“I believe a well-deserved “Thanks” is in order for the very informative training you conducted last week in Roanoke.  I took away many strategies and ideas from the discussion, but nothing beats having a detailed DISC profile to analyze how to communicate most effectively in business and personally.  It’s a great tool.  Kim Stanley just visited our Richmond office yesterday, and I thanked her as well for the opportunity to attend your event.”
— Andy Muttart, Major Account Executive. Telcove Communications

“As a result DSP program I am committed to using the roadmap, prioritizing my sale activities, selling at all levels of my accounts, and getting commitments at all stages of the sales process.”
— Mark Moore, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“I am committed to developing a written plan for my TOP 15 Accounts, working from the CEO down, being very prepared for the first meeting, getting all decision influencers involved, and using management at higher levels.”
— Bob Obusek, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“I am committed to creating a personal referral program, using my team, researching using 10K website, using the roadmap, and establishing account status meetings.”
— Bob Osterman, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“Paul, I hope I’m as good at putting your training to work as you were at delivering it.  Malcolm and I have requested approval to purchase ACT!, but will implement it one way or the other soon.  We are working to adopt a true consultant’s mindset, and will be leaning on you in the months ahead for help and guidance, I’m sure. We appreciate your insights, and your availability.”
— Scott Paul, Major Account Executive. L3 Communications

“The class was very focused and direct. He taught us a lot about setting our goals and keeping them in mind. We also learned about the different personality types of people and how to handle them- both on a business and a personal level. We were taught how to do presentations to each personality type also. If I had to classify the class, I would say it is more motivational than anything. He teaches you that by building your own self-esteem and beginning to feel better about yourself, others feel better about you and will in-turn become more susceptible to your offerings as a business partner. Basically, you have to get focused on your goals, think as though you have already achieved them, and it becomes a part of you to go above and beyond what you originally set for yourself and the company. It all starts with yourself.”
— Alecia Petersen, Account Executive, Cellstar Communications

“Thanks for everything at training. As discussed, I’ll be giving you a call on Monday to discuss my Starz Encore account situation & for your contact info. on Echo Star. Talk to you soon.”
— Larry Snodgrass, Major Account Executive, Cellstar Communications

“Great Course!”
— Brad Reeder, Account Executive, Telcove Communications

“Great session and we need more follow up.”
— Michael Riddle, MAE Telcove

“Thanks again for a terrific program-I took many ideas, philosophies, and resources away from your training. I look forward to working with you again in the near future!”
Frank J. Rindos, Senior Account Executive, Xpedite Systems

“I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the class and felt that the material we went over was very beneficial to what we are trying to accomplish at Xpedite. I was very skeptical in the beginning but quickly realized how this information could effect my sales in a positive manner. I shared these   thoughts with the rest of my team here in San Jose and they were interested in what the cost would be to take the test and receive a report. If you could get back to me in regards to the price I would appreciate it.”
— Michael Roderick, Account Executive, Xpedite

“I had a really good time at the training seminar. The class gave me more confidence with myself as well as with work. Paul was a great teacher and listener as well. I learned how to set personal goals and work goals to improve my sales. I also learned techniques on how to talk to my customers on more of a personable level. I learned a lot more about our company and the different things we have to offer. Also I learned a lot more about the people I work with. It was a really good time learning all of the different behaviors and attitudes we all have.”
— Julie Russell, Inside Sales, CellStar

“As a result of the DSP program I will do better research on the front end, plan my contact strategy, set multiple meetings at my target accounts, and adapt to the buying style of my prospects and clients.”
— Mary Schaeffer, Major Account Executive, Xpedite Communications

“I had the opportunity to work with Paul when the Company that I worked for was going through major change. Paul is a dynamic Sales Coach and I found his solution based training to be invaluable. I would recommend Paul to any Company who wants a sales coach with the ability to take their team to the next level.”
— Laminda Sherrill, Major Account Executive, Telcove Communications February 3, 2010

Thank you for the training, great stuff and I have already begun using some of your approaches.”
— Mike Sevret, Major Account Executive., Telcove Communications

“I was in the previous training this was a chance for me to get a better understanding of the behavior and attitude analysis results for me. The Sales assessment results were a pleasant surprise. I have never worked in an “Official” Sales function before Cellstar but have always been selling to the internal customers in the functions I have been responsible for at previous companies. The same principles apply to the external customer as to the internal customer. I believe I can add value to the organization by working with other accounts in addition to Tracfone. I would have liked to attend the class with some of the more experienced Cellstar sales people to be able to learn from them during the class. Because the class size was small and the people attending not very experienced, it was difficult to get a Cellstar perspective. Paul did a great job of providing real examples from his past but it would have been better hearing from some of the experienced Cellstar sales people. I thought the class was going to run Tues through Fri and was surprised to find out it ended on Thurs. We could have used Fri morning to focus more on selling techniques were weak as shown in the assessment. I believe you will have to strongly emphasize the importance of attending training classes to our people since not everyone attended the complete training.”
— George Tabor, Major Account Executive, CellStar Communications

Thanks again! Had fun, learned some new things and got re-energized. I certainly knownow that I needed it too. Please put me on your list and keep in touch. I will do the same. I intend to start redoing my goals, and implementing the strategies we reviewed the last three days. I will start this weekend and be done by end of May. Please see if you can get my manager, Sean Solway to take the personality test so he and I can sit down together soon. If I can ever assist you in any way, please call.”
— Aanand Murthy Varanasi, Major Account Executive, Xpedite Communications

“I recently attended one of Paul’s 2-day seminars. I have since been in regular communication with him and continue receiving his input. My team’s performance improved as a direct result of the Performance Systems offering … what stronger endorsement could I offer?” Paul gave one of the most effective sales leadership seminars I have experienced.” We need more outsourced training: we need more professionals like Paul Scaffidi who have a proven, executive track record and have carried a bag. Good luck with selling TelCove more of your services, Paul … we need it as a company!”
— Dean Watts, Account Executive, Telcove, December 19, 2008

“I took away an enhanced plan for organizing my account strategy. I do this today, but the examples given in Paul’s training were much more in depth. This will allow me to be more informed and effective when working accounts.”
— Sherry Worthington, Major Account Executive, Telcove Communications

“I will organize and prioritize my funnel, focus and target larger accounts, purchase ACT, do better follow-up, develop more networking relationships, and target more C level executives.”
— Michael Wolff, Major Account Executive, Telcove Communications

“Paul is a great sales leader. As my boss, he supported and encouraged me in winning the largest deal of my life, a contract that eventually brought in over $1Billion. Thank you Paul….”
— Larry Fisher, Senior Account Executive, Sprint, April 10, 2006

“As a result of the DSP program I am committed to implementing ACT for contact management, prospecting more intelligently, doing more industry reading and meeting with C level people more often.”
— Eric Freschi, Major Account Manager, Telcove Communications

“I worked with Paul in one capacity or another over 20 years now and have always found him to be a valued and strategic partner in my technology endeavors. He has the ability to create value for his partners whenever he is involved in a project from getting the correct resources to personally overseeing the work to completion when required. He does this all while maintaining the highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards. In short, Paul is an honest person that will give 110% of his time and expertise to anyone that truly wants a partnership and needs a valued ally to complete some of the most difficult tasks in business – he does the work and gets results every time”
— Kevin Langan, National Account Manager