Successful organizations understand the need to get employee selection and hiring decisions right the first time. Making a bad hiring decision in employee selection is costly to an organization’s performance and bottom line.

The cost of one mis-hire can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the position. The implications can be devastating – losing a key employee or client,  missed deadlines, lost productivity, or the legal implications and costs.

An April 2013  CareerBuilder study revealed the true impact on costs, lost productivity, employee morale, client relations, sales and the costs of recruiting and training.

While it should come as no surprise that poor hires can mean revenue and productivity losses, the study sheds light on just how much those costs add up.

“27 percent of employers in the U.S. who reported a bad hire said that a single bad hire cost more than $50,000.”

Don’t let expediency and haste effect hiring decisions. You can hire the best and maintain standards with a properly constructed selection process that is complete, validated, and EEOC approved at a fraction of the cost.

Confident selection decisions are based on multiple sources of information, which together evaluate whether the candidate is a good fit for the job and for your organization.

The key to hiring the right person for the right job starts with developing a job profile that includes the competencies, attitudes, values and behaviors required to perform with excellence. Unless you do that, you’ll likely to hire the right person for the wrong job.

At PSA, we’re experts at applying a psychological analysis of each key job, then proving you with a profile you can use to hire the person who has the greatest probability of succeeding in that job. We’ll even teach you how to interview for that person.

Simply, the PSA Selection process is designed to help you build and implement a high performance strategy for recruiting and selecting high impact people. Competitive advantage goes to the organization that hires the best people, and then places them in positions where they can thrive and do their best work.

If the position could talk what type of attitude, behavior, skills, beliefs and intelligence would the job require? How can you be sure that an individual will mesh with current company culture or uphold company values?

The PSA Selection System is truly unique in that it looks at the whole person and when implemented with a job profile enables you to compare a candidate against the exact requirements of each position. Our system doesn’t just look at behaviors like many simplistic  approaches. It enables you to look beneath the surface and see a candidate’s values, attitudes, competencies and capacity. It can also be combined with other internationally recognized intelligence testing.

The reporting options are outstanding and easy to use. The Gap analysis report identifies any RED FLAGS that require additional attention. Our reports provide focused questioning and interviewing tips to identify any potential obstacles for success, so you don’t find out 6 months later that the candidate wasn’t a good fit for the job or culture.

Reports for comparing candidates against the specific requirements of a position enable you to make the most informed decision by eliminating bias which often clouds the decision process.

As hiring managers, business owners and corporate executives we know the key to success is the quality of your people.

When you match a person to an assignment magic happens! Attitudes drive behaviors and behaviors produce results.

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