Identity Branding is our E-Marketing partner and the creator of E-Relationship the first client and prospect e-connection tool in the insurance and banking sector in the United States and Canada. Today, it is indisputably the largest and most robust!

Advisor testimonials attest to the system’s effectiveness with increased appointments, increased sales, increased client loyalty and increased agent confidence. The effect of staying in touch with clients and connecting frequently with prospects has proven to have a positive impact on production, retention and client satisfaction.   Before the mid 1990s, staying in touch involved three strategies: face to face, phone, and postal mail. Today it requires a fourth-the internet. In fact, if you are not using email to stay in touch with your clients and friends, you are missing a huge opportunity! Over the last ten years, e-Relationship’s patent was issued and the system was loaded with appointment generating e-brief storyboards, likeability generating e-cards, validation generating e-articles and our content continues to grow. Increased flexibility and a set-it and forget-it auto e-mail feature has been added. All this, with award winning customer service has made us second to none within the financial industry! The process of attracting prospects requires a Specific Prospect Focus, Local Awareness Strategies, a program to create Advisor Uniqueness and a SYSTEM for implementing an Automated Frequent Touch Strategy. Though there are four phases, Frequent Touch is the hallmark to prospect attraction. The inability or oversight of staying in frequent touch will cause decreased loyalty and awareness to fade. The E-Relationship System compliments the Levelbreaker System for building a Client Focused referral based business.