Personalized Debriefings

We believe in the concept of “Building on Strengths”. Our approach to debriefing the Levelbreaker assessments is to ensure that the participant has a thorough understanding of what the report is telling them and how that information can be put to best use.

Debriefings can help you select the best candidates for a position or promotion, accelerate the growth of an individual or impact the synergy and performance of a team. The key is to know what’s real and what’s not so the best strategy can be exploited.

As organizations across the world are becoming leaner and less forgiving, leaders need to get more from their people. The key is hiring the right people who are motivated, competent and accountable.

The Levelbreaker debriefing process and our assessments are tools for gaining commitment and providing the individual and hiring manager with insights for making better choices and developing the most effective strategies for improving productivity, motivation, job satisfaction and relationships.

The key is finding out what makes an individual “tick” and providing a continuous improvement action plan to accelerate results. The Levelbreaker Assessment process enables you to build a personal development program that is specific to the individual needs of each candidate or employee.