The goal of the Assessment Center is to provide our clients with a resource that satisfies the majority of their assessments requirements. Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications including:

Team Development
Leadership Development
Personal Development
Change Management

Do you have the right people on the bus?


Great success comes when an individual is properly matched to the requirements of a specific position and environment.

Unfortunately, all too often, this is not the case which leads to frustration, slow start up, poor performance, attrition, and lost opportunities.



The assessment center enables you to use state-of-the-art tools  to build a complete selection process for any position.

The tools enable you to build the “ideal” model for each position which includes the key competencies, behaviors, values, attitudes and emotional intelligence for success.

The modeling and selection process help eliminates many of the pitfalls of hiring in today’s complex and competitive market. The tools and process will help you improve candidate selection, on-boarding, job performance, employee satisfaction and on-going results through “personalized” coaching and development options.

The selection system includes job analysis, position modeling and the use of specialized assessments to help you identify the best possible candidates for any position including sales, customer service, management and leadership positions.

The Job Modeling  tools are extremely valuable for career planning so individuals can choose a career that matches their strength’s – where they can excel. The process is also used by leaders who want to select or promote the right candidates.

In coaching and development, the tools are used to accelerate performance by identifying obstacles and options for personal, partnership & team development.

Consider the advantages:

  • Better candidate and position matching
  • Lower attrition, replacement & training costs
  • More objectivity in hiring decisions
  • Faster ramp up to required productivity levels
  • Enhanced Employee satisfaction
  • A proven way to define needed skills.
  • Customization using a proven methodology