Assessing Individuals, Teams and Organizations

The Level Breaker Assessment Center is a resource that can satisfy the majority of your assessments requirements.

We use assessment tools to improve employee selection, productivity, team development, and employee satisfaction.  We also use assessments personally, with our family, in all consulting, coaching and training engagements to give us more insight and a competitive edge. We use assessments to improve:

  • Hiring & Selection
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Performance/Sales 

We know that great success comes when an individual is properly matched to the requirements of a specific position, team and environment. Unfortunately, all too often, this doesn’t happen which leads to frustration, slow start up, poor performance, attrition, lost clients and opportunities.

The first part of building a HIGH Performance organization is to make sure you have the right people for the job on your team. The Levelbreaker© Assessment center enables you to use state-of-the-art tools to build a complete selection process for any position.

The Levelbreaker©  Job Modeling process enables you to build an “Ideal candidate profile” for any position for hiring and promoting the best candidates that can perform with excellence. What makes our approach unique is our ability to build a “custom” model that includes the behaviors, values, motivators, competencies and capacity for success for a specific position. We use your knowledge and our tools we build a superior solution. We do it quickly and cost effectively.

The job modeling and selection process eliminates many of the pitfalls of hiring in today’s complex and competitive market. The tools used also provide on-going value and when combined with training and coaching they can be instrumental for accelerating job performance and ensuring employee satisfaction.  All of our tools can be used for creating personalized” development programs.

Individual and team assessments are available for leadership, management, sales and virtually anyone interested in improving selection, communications, team building and performance.