Retained Priority Search provides our clients with the value of a retained search and the versatility and cost-effectiveness of contingency recruitment.

This proven methodology offers our clients the best of both worlds. Our senior consultants are assigned and dedicated to work solely for a specific client who has an urgent need for a specific position or who has aggressive growth objectives for building a team, territory or area over a 12 month period.

The PSA Search Consultant commences the engagement with an in-depth discovery process to learn about the company’s vision, culture and managements objectives.

A detailed hiring profile is created that includes the required experience, competencies, values, behaviors and growth potential required for that position. The hiring profile enables you to compare a candidates competencies, behaviors and values against a custom Ideal Candidate profile.

The hiring profile is documented and reviewed for sign-off by the hiring manager. In the next phase we identify, interview and evaluate qualified candidates. We narrow the selection to the top 3-5 individuals per position.

The selection process, which includes a candidate assessment, plus appropriate behavioral interviewing, provides the hiring authority with a GAP Analysis. The GAP analysis provides a detailed comparison of a candidates strengths, weaknesses, communications style and motivations against the job model.

The GAP analysis can also compare multiple candidates. Specific application and use of these tools is tailored to the circumstances and hiring environment.  The PSA selection process is ideal for sensitive highly important decisions, promote or hire. It provides an objective, analytical way to improve hiring and literally takes the guess work out of the selection process.

Options include using the assessments for screening and for final candidate selection debriefings. In the debriefing process our consultant’s present an information packet to the hiring authorities, which includes the candidate’s resume, a hiring summary and a GAP Analysis which compares each candidate against the Ideal Candidate profile. We coordinate interviewing schedules and act as a mediator for both our client and our candidates.