Pinnacle Equity Solutions was formed on the belief that privately-held business owners need an improved process for planning for their business transition and exit strategies. We believe there is a gap between traditional business brokers / mergers and acquisitions services and those offered by personal advisors, such as financial, insurance, CPA’s and attorneys. A business exit is both a personal and a business decision. Pinnacle believes that any transaction that is being contemplated should be accompanied by a comprehensive planning process to assure that the right decisions are made.

The owner-operator of a private business will struggle with knowing the best, or even the right way to exit. As a result, Pinnacle offers solutions directly to owners as well as training and certification programs to the Professional Advisors who serve them.

Pinnacle’s Unique 6-Step Process

When an owner is confronted with planning for their exit, they will invariably struggle with the complications of planning such an event. After working with hundreds of privately-held business owners, Pinnacle founder, John Leonetti developed a 6-step process to assist virtually any owner with planning for their exit.

His book, “Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth” outlines this 6-step process. Pinnacle’s training and Certified Business Exit Consultant™ program expand upon this process to deliver to owners a process-based solution that assures an organized approach to this complex level of planning. Pinnacle’s engagement agreement and Exit Strategies Solution Reports follow this process, keeping the engagement with owners and their advisors organized and focused towards meeting each owner’s customized goals.